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Startup Idea: Platform for Photographers to share pictures of tourists they've taken on the street

Backstory: Julia, my girlfriend, is an avid amateur photographer. This past weekend I took her to D.C. to visit Union Station to take photos. It was her first time there, she was blown away... major brownie points for me!

Julia's first time in Union Station

A group of tourists saw us taking pictures and asked us to take their picture. She reached for their iPhone but they pointed to her DSLR.

She kindly explained that she had no way to send them the picture. The lady in the group sighed and handed over her iPhone.

Group photo of some nice tourists

After they left, Julia looked sad. She explained that she would have loved to take their photo with her DSLR but had no way to give it to them without handing over private information. Then an idea hit her and she got really giddy and excited.

The idea: That "aha" moment hit. She wanted a public profile to share photos of people she took in public. Nothing fancy, just a way for her to give back to the people she met that day in D.C.

Validation: Did you read that paragraph above? This exact situation happened again, outside of Union Station, on our way to get dinner.

Deep dive: The public platform would allow aspiring photographers to market themselves for free. The real value for photographers in taking free photos of people is having them come back to their own landing page. Those people would put in their email in exchange to download the photo. This would give the photographer a list of leads for future work.

Monetization: Photographers would get 20MB of storage for free and have to pay a monthly fee for more space. An upsell for photographers could be business cards with their landing page on the card.