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Writers Block

September 26, 2018

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Backstory: A friend of mine is a fictional writer. He often complains he is stuck and has "writers block." I find this surprising as he's my most creative friend.

He always seems to be his most productive when talking through stories and ideas with others. We got to brainstorming about how he could continue his creative outlet without sacrificing a lot of time.

The Idea: A simple platform that connects writers in similar genres to eliminate writers block by writing paragraphs round robin style.

Deep Dive: A writer would sign up and select their category of writing. They would be paired with similar writers. They would be given a "choose your own adventure" where writers would be required to complete a paragraph of writing based on the previous paragraph, kind of like "choose your own adventure."  The goal of this platform is to keep writers in their creative element with a similar writing outlet.

Validation: My friend has already done this with others in his circle via email and it has proven effective.

Monetization: This is where it could get fun, similar to those monetary accountably sites, you could charge users only when they don't complete a task. An example: given the writers have 2 days to respond, they would prepay $100 and every time they miss a deadline, you deduct $10. This would help gamify the experience and keep the writers motivated.