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Where's the Party at?!

July 13, 2018

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Backstory: When I was younger... more than a decade ago, I would go to the bars like it was my job. It was actually my best friend's job, I visited him bartending... a lot. Before we would go out as a group of friends for the night we would always debate which bar would be the "best," have the most people our age and single girls! We could sometimes visit multiple bars just to find one with a decent amount of people.

The Idea: A mobile app that tells you in real time, how many people are in a given bar and what is the age/gender ratios.

Deep Dive: This would obviously be turned into a dating app. You could have charge a premium to see pictures and start conversations.

Validation: I think I have had five of my friends pitch me their own versions of this idea.

Monetization: You can charge a monthly subscription to see pictures and start conversations similar to other dating apps.