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Visual Small Talk

October 19, 2018

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Backstory: I've been traveling a lot lately and I've met a lot of people in coffee shops, bars and airports. I meet people but often times that's the extent. Sometimes I friend them on linkedin but almost never on facebook because I identify that with friends and closer relationships. This app would connect me with people during chance encounters.

The Idea: A picture taking platform for random/chance encounters.  

Deep Dive: There would have to be some sort of gamification aspect to incentivize users to take pictures with strangers they just met. The idea is that you would use facial recognition to connect the users at a later date. Once both are in the system, you would be able to log your date, time and location of the interaction. In the future you could build a notification system to alert you that you're near someone that you've connected to in the past.

Validation: I think this would be fun :) anyone else? I took 20+ pictures with strangers in Germany for Octoberfest a few years back and my best friend worked with a random girl that I took a picture with, crazy!

Monetization: Ads. Similar to facebook, you are building a social network, you would have to bootstrap or raise money to fund this in the beginning.