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Video Game Personality Test

October 1, 2018

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Backstory: I've taken the DISC, myers briggs and a few other personality tests. These tests not only help me understand something new about myself, they help me hire and work with a team.
I was listening to Joe Rogan's podcast, #1173 with Geoffrey Miller, a psychologist. Geoffrey mentioned a lot can determined about someone based on their choices in video games. This got me thinking of combining the two ideas: a non-boring personality test.The Idea: A video game based personality test.

Deep Dive: This one would need a partner unless you are a uniquely technically talented software developer that also understands behavioral psychology. Working with a psychologist, you would have to plan out scenarios that would lead to a given personality score.

Validation: Personality tests are important for personal and team growth but are painstakingly boring, a game based version would be a welcomed adoption.

Monetization: Similar to other tests, you would have a free/simple version and charge for the more advanced version. This would be similar to a "demo" of a game and then upsell the paid version.