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Triathlon Store

September 30, 2019

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Backstory: I'm competing in a triathlon next week and getting expert advice and gear for the event in one place is impossible. I have to travel to separate stores for swimming, biking and running.

The Idea: A Triathlon Store.

Deep Dive: You would source and sell gear for swimming, biking and running. To take this to the next level, you would have staff members that participate in these events and would be able to offer expert advice.

Similar to gym trainers, you would offer elite training for customers. You would broker the sessions by matching customers with similar staff members.

Validation: Personal training in gyms is big business and each of these stores exist separately.

Monetization: By offering a higher margin item like personal training, you would be able to offer those customers discounts on equipment.

Steps to Launch: Bike shops seem to be equipped with the most knowledgable staff members. I would partner with one of them and open a run/swim shop next door to a bike shop. You could stock triathlon bikes (not typically stocked in bike shops) and work with the shop to offer triathlon packages.

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