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Tinder for home buying

March 16, 2020

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Backstory: Trying to find the perfect home is hard. It involves visiting many homes before you find the right one. Often times people like certain parts of homes but not others.

The Idea: A tinder style room by room swiping app to find your next home.

Deep Dive: Similar to tinder, you would build an app where customers can swipe left or right on pictures of homes. You would show users pictures of different rooms to help them find their dream home.

As you build out more features you would give them the ability to pair with their partner. This would sync up their answers to find homes they both like. Additionally with enough data you would be able to suggest homes based on the styles of homes they already like.

Validation: Tinder proved this worked for dating, a similar style may work for home purchasing.

Monetization: This is where it gets tricky, you have to position the app as saving enough time to warrant a high one time purchase price. People don't buy homes often so this is a one and done type of app. Another option is to partner with real estate agents and take a cut of the commission when they close the deal and show the property in person (similar to redfin).

Steps to Launch: I would start with a tinder style pre-built app and plug in home data. Getting a home swipping beta in customers hands as soon as possible will help validate this idea.