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Time Bartering

October 2, 2018

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Backstory: I often help my friends with odd computer jobs (I'm not your IT support) and carpentry work. Recently a friend asked for some carpentry help and offered to help change the brakes on my truck. He knows I hate working on cars and knew I would say yes. This bartering of time got me thinking that maybe others would be willing to do this as well.

The Idea: A time based bartering system.

Deep Dive: You would build a two sided marketplace for people to post and search for jobs. The tricky part comes when some jobs are extremely skilled and others are not. You may have to apply a multiple to certain trades such that 10 hours of code reviews does not equal 10 hours of raking the leaves.

As you gain traction, you could offer the ability to trade with multiple people at one time. For instance, if someone needed help moving something heavy, they could recruit 2-3 people to come join the job.

Validation: I've seen people offer to swap time on facebook groups and I think people are becoming more accepting/willing to help others out.

Monetization: This would be harder to monetize initially, you could allow people to pay to have a featured job. Based on job categories, you have a highly targeted set of users for google ads.