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The ScreenHero We All Deserve

May 24, 2019

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Backstory: I live in Baltimore and work with people in Seattle and Denver almost everyday. We use slack and hangouts to work together, I feel the quality is getting worse. Earlier this week we were doing a remote coding session and nobody could read the text, we spent more time trying other products, it was a total waste.

The Idea: Screen collaboration software that works.

Deep Dive: You would essentially build ScreenHero like it was before Slack purchased it. The software would allow for remote collaboration with dual cursors, the ability to take control and a connection that allows users to read text.

Validation: I've seen a competitors popup such as but none have the traction of ScreenHero, Slack or Zoom.

Monetization: You could start with a freemium option and then charge a monthly fee for advanced features. There are enough freelancers and remote teams where you could do away with the free option and have a small yearly fee plan for solo people/teams. This software is integral to people's workflow.