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Terms for Startups

May 2, 2019

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Backstory: While listening to another Art of Product Episode, they were discussing where to find terms of service when getting started. Rob Walling, a guest on the show and co-founder of drip, mentioned snapterms, a site that offered one time payments for these terms. The podcast hosts mentioned they thought snapterms was no longer maintained and couldn't find a replacement from a google search.

The Idea: One time purchase of privacy policy and terms of service.

Deep Dive: You would build a simple service where customers can enter in a few pieces of information and you would generate a terms of service and privacy policy. As you gain traction, you could add additional documents.

Validation: Snapterms existed for years and the hosts of the show were looking for a replacement. The key here is that it's one and done, a lot of companies are starting subscription services but people still want to pay once and move on.

Monetization: Snapterms was $400-$500, you could price similarly. This is a painful point in startups as they gain traction and $3k+ for a lawyer to draft these is not in everyone's budget.