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Technology Tutorials for the Elderly

January 2, 2019

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Backstory: I'm still amazed at some of the seemingly simple technology related tasks I have to teach my parents. They're not that old either...

The Idea: A physical copy version of technology tutorials.

Deep Dive: Technology was advancing at such a rapid pace that everyone was getting a new iPhone every year and switching search engines like it's the cool thing to do.

Technology choices are becoming more sticky (I'm still rocking an iPhone 7 Plus) and this allows you to create a printed/physical version of tutorials teaching the elderly how to use certain products.

Validation: I'm sure everyone has been asked to help troubleshoot or fix something by their parents or someone significantly lacking technological knowledge. You could start simple and provide iPhone or gmail tutorials (something most common).

Monetization: Printing paper in bulk is super cheap, you could charge a reasonable fixed fee and have high margins.