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Sustainable Tissue Paper

February 10, 2020

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Backstory: There's a trend going on across all markets where manufacturers are swapping out raw materials for more environmentally friendly and sustainable raw goods.

The Idea: Sustainable tissue paper.

Deep Dive: You would source and market tissue paper from sustainable raw materials. This is the main differentiator across all the competitors.  

Validation: Colgate just purchased Hello toothpaste: The bigger players are noticing this trend and buying up smaller companies.

Monetization: This is another ecommerce play, watch your margins. I like this one in particular because people use tissue paper on a regular cadence, you could have a subscription portion to stabilize revenue.

Steps to Launch: I would jump on shopify and recharge (for subscription billing) to get this out the door quickly. If you don't have a good audience to try this on, think about partnering with an influencer in the space to jump start the business.