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Super Simple Social Stats

July 5, 2018

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Backstory: Clients often want updates on their stats, compiling a list of data in a spreadsheet to format and email is time consuming, boring and just not fun. Existing solutions are $99+, $99/user/mo seems rather pricy if all I want is a line graph of stats.

The Idea: An app that lets you connect the big four in social media, YouTube, facebook, instagram and twitter, to your account and provides stats overtime.

Deep Dive: The app would have to stay as bare bones as possible while still providing value. There are a few $9/mo items that just don't provide enough. There's a gap in this market for a $20-$40 offering that provides a presentable dashboard without tons of additional expensive features.

Validation: We would pay for this, we're having trouble finding a good solution that is relative affordable.

Monetization: Monetization is not as hard as staying profitable for this one. Based on the current products, it takes a decent size team to produce social dashboards. Keeping the team small enough to produce enough features is the key.