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Startup Structure

February 5, 2019

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Backstory: I've been part of rapidly growing startups for over six years now. Each one has struggled with process around employee reviews, company roadmap and vision. I've tried EOS, DISC, high5 and other various platforms, each one has their pro/cons.

The Idea: A platform for startups to manage people and process.

Deep Dive: You would build a platform for CEOs of small startups to define and manage the "less glamorous" side of the business, such as:

1. Employee reviews
2. Employee incentives (bonuses and smaller "thank you" notes... with money)
3. Vision
4. Company Roadmap

There are a bunch of other features you could build as part of this internal CMS for startups.

Validation: There are already a ton of platforms out there and ones such as EOS can cost up to 30k for a consultant to help build and define all aspects of the process.

Monetization: Charging per seat would be really appealing to startups. This would allow smaller startups to grow into the process/structure without paying thousands of dollars upfront.