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Startup Explainer Videos

December 2, 2019

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Explainer Videos

Backstory: I recently came across an old article by Rob Walling where he explains how he made 4 explainer videos for $11. The process that he used was super creative, and the video turned out great. To truly understand what I mean, I recommend you check out the article and the video that he made. How I Created 4 Startup Explainer Videos for $11 | Rob Walling: Building, Launching and Growing Startups

I know plenty of people out there who would pay for a similar  video to be built for their product.

The Idea: Explainer Videos for Startups

Deep Dive: You would make a bunch of cutout props, and utilize them in creating quick explainer videos for startups.

Validation: Rob Walling did it. He outlines his reasons behind why he needed these videos in the article mentioned above.

Monetization: You could charge clients for one-off video, or make them on a recurring basis. Personally, I like the idea of selling this to startups. Pitch this as additional content for customer support and sales teams to utilize when explaining use cases and how-to’s for their product.

Steps to Launch: Sell first! I recommend trying to sell this to startups through cold email. Maybe use an explainer video that you made to sell your videos.