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Startup Business Cards

January 3, 2019

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Backstory: I recently ordered business cards from a large print website and had a horrible experience: poor user interface, incorrect order status online and late shipment. This is why Moo dominated the market. But I don't always want to pay the high quality and order a bulk option of cards, sometimes I just want a few (less than one hundred).

The Idea: A website that prints business cards targeted at small runs.

Deep Dive: Similar to moo and vista print, you would build a platform for users to upload images or pick from a few templates to create business cards. You would only offer two sizes, thick/thin and two finishes matte or glossy. This would be a no-frills, small order solution.

Validation: Moo took a big chunk out of crowded space with their premium cards. You could do this at the bottom with scale and little options.

Monetization: Straight forward physical product sales. You have to monitor your margins.