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Software Contract Audits

September 5, 2018

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Backstory: Over the years of running a software dev agency we've bid on hundreds of contracts. After a client signs, I always ask if they had other offers from different agencies. Most reply yes and about half the time they mention one shop being 30-100% higher than the rest. I believe you get what you pay for but there's a point where you're just getting ripped off.

The Idea: A private network where you can submit a software proposal and have someone review it to verify the price quote and scope of work.

Deep Dive: Originally I was thinking you could have a private network where customers would find seasoned developers and submit the scope of work and contracts for their opinions. This would be another two-sided marketplace which is rough to start and maintain two sides of users.

As I began typing this I've pivoted my thinking into an "Audit Service." Similar to design pickle and others where customers pay a monthly fee for unlimited design. This idea would offer one, two and three month plans for unlimited contract reviews. This would allow customers to send in a scope of work along with an unlimited number of contracts for a second opinion.

This would appeal to freelancers and solopreneurs that are non-technical and need a second opinion.  

Validation: I've done this for a few friends that have pursued their side-hustles.

Monetization: You would charge a monthly fee or plan fee as described above.