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Smart Oven

June 13, 2019

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Backstory: Whenever my smoke alarms go off, nearly every time it's because I'm cooking something on the stove that's overheating. It would be great if my oven and smoke alarms had a tighter communication.

The Idea: A smart oven/stovetop that is connected to your smoke alarms.

Deep Dive: You would build a smart oven that would have controls to turn off your smoke alarms. This would save you the trip and most likely (pulling out a chair) to turn off the smoke alarms. Additionally, you could have a reverse communication where the smoke alarms would turn off the oven/stove after a period of time if they're not shut down. Most hose fires are caused in the kitchen... hopefully this would reduce the damage, if so, you would have a powerful unique value proposition.

Validation: Smart home/integrated objects are becoming super popular, this is a good and safe evolution.

Monetization: This would be a one-time sale, watch your margins.