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Simple Socks

December 16, 2019

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Simple Socks

Backstory: Every few months, I throw away a few pairs of socks and then buy a few new ones. Right now, I have about 8 socks that I can’t find a match for in my drawer right now.

The Idea:  SimpleSocks: Subscription Service for Socks

Deep Dive: Keep this all of simple. There’s so many funky socks out there. Be different and just have plain white or black socks.

Validation: Simple, black and white socks will make it apparent that it’s a basic service. People like that, and services like show this.

Monetization: This is a physical consumer product, so watch your margins, and don’t forget about shipping costs.  Another route to go (outside of subscriptions), is retail. You may be able to partner with the retail stores to offer the socks in their store.

Steps to Launch: I’d start by launching a Shopify store, and selling this as a subscription service via ReCharge.