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Shownotes for YouTube

June 12, 2018

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Backstory: As a YouTube viewer, I want to be able to search through a YouTube video via show notes. This could be especially helpful for podcasts too. I don’t like having to listen to the entire video or podcast, just the parts that interest me.

Deep Dive: I imagine a platform separate from YouTube where YouTubers can link their videos and write up show notes that take them to the relevant content of the video. Maybe it can even plug into YouTube’s subtitles?

Validation: I did some research and found that this has been done, but there’s room to improve it. Here's an example of a side project that has implemented it but never marketed the idea or really got it going:

A screenshot of videoJots can be seen below.


Monetization: Having specific, targeted audiences for each video, you could run your own ads.