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Self Paced City Beer Tours

August 28, 2018

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Backstory: With so many different craft beer companies, not all bars carry the same craft beers. Rather than travel to each brewery, an app would plan out a tour of different bars allowing the user to taste a variety of beers.

The Idea: Self paced city beer tour.

Deep Dive: You would have to partner with bars to determine which one stocks certain craft beers. Once you have a list, you can create an itinerary for users.

To increase the likelihood users would come back, you could make it a game where you earn points for visiting different bars and ordering the different beers.

Validation: There are already companies providing self guided walking tourist tours of cities.

Monetization: You could charge bars to advertise on the app.

Diving deeper, if you turned this into a game, you could partner with bars that only sell certain craft brews and offer discounts if customers order 5 of those beers. The customer would gain more points and be encouraged to visit the bar again by earning discounts.