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April 25, 2019

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Backstory: These electric scooters are everywhere! Often times I'll try to scan one and take it for a quick trip but the battery is dead. I then have to trek a few blocks just to find a working scooter.

The Idea: A scooter with two rechargeable batteries.

Deep Dive: You could build a charging system that attaches to the existing scooters to provide dual batteries. You would enlist customers to charge the batteries and they would be able to unlock a battery once it was dead to charge it.  

Each battery is universal, customers would be able to plug it into any scooter. You could attach a GPS device to each battery to keep track of them.

Validation: This is a better experience for the end customer with no dead scooters.

Monetization: You would license this to existing scooter companies and they would pay you a royalty or you could build and sell them.