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Rideshare side hustle

March 2, 2020

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Backstory: It's becoming apparent that rideshare drivers don't make much more than minimum wage after all expenses. There should be a way for these drivers to earn extra income with their time. They have a captive audience that has some disposable income.

The Idea: Marketplace for ride share drivers to play media while driving.

Deep Dive: You would build a two sided marketplace for advertisers to sell audio content and for ride share drivers to play while driving around their customers. Yes, riders would simply ask the driver to change the channel if it's nothing than a boring ad playing but the content could be entertaining. This would include new album releases, a quick podcast like episode and content with video. Having an avenue for highly geo-targeted ad space would be very appealing for D2C companies looking to expand in one market at a time.

As this platform progresses, you could integrate with a tablet or rider's phone and make the content interactive.If you're selling space to a record label, you could upsell riders tickets to upcoming concerts or have a discount code for the full album.

Validation: I'm already hooked on those trivia games on the tablets in lyfts.

Monetization: You would take a percentage fee from the advertising spot.

Steps to Launch: I would partner with one specific media producer such as sony. This would be a new and inventive avenue for them to promote and release their artists songs. By buying space in every ridesharing car in a metropolitan city, their local exposure would be massive.