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Rent a Road Trip

January 14, 2019

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Backstory: Newer generations are valuing experiences and adventures over material items. One event with roots in the "hippie" culture that is emerging again is the classic road trip.

The Idea: A done for you road trip.

Deep Dive: You would provide the car/suv/bus and stops along the way. You would interview the customers taking the road trip and you would plan out a few stops given their likes and dislikes.

The idea is to give them a general sense of direction, allowing for some exploration, without making them think of everything they need. You could offer a hotline/call center to answer any questions as well.

Validation: There are similar services aimed directly at the PCH (pacific coast highway). To MVP this one, you could find someone you know that's already planning to do a long road trip and help plan the trip for small fee/testimonial.

Monetization: You would charge a set fee on top of the car rental and any pre-booked events. At scale, you could make deals with destinations and car rental companies.