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Remote exercise classes

March 23, 2020

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Backstory: Coronavirus. It's changing the way we live, work and go about our daily lives. One thing that will emerge and stay more consistent is work from home policies and an increase in the amount of remote work. With the added US potential recession, we'll see an increase in gig working. I think these gig workers will become remote workers, all communicating via digital means.

With working from home, the tendency can be to sit for long, extended periods of time. We need to be aware of this and remember to move around and become more active throughout our day.

I had a remote dance party with friends over the weekend and it was a blast. Their kids danced and we adults tried to follow along with the "dance party" moves on the screen. Having us all dance in unison brought us together and forced us to move around.


This got me thinking about my daily walks which are weather dependent and is a solo routine. During rainy days and scheduled days of the week, I would enjoy doing remote fun exercises with friends and remote colleagues.

The Idea: A remote exercise program that tracks movement and gives participants scores.

Deep Dive: Very similar to dance party, you would provide on screen movements for participants to follow. Using video cameras you could track their movements and give them a score. This score is not about them getting the exercises correct, it's more about recording their level of effort.

Using their effort as participation you would build a cardio/health score for each user and this would be used with medical plans and company wellness programs to reward employees for actively participating.

Validation: There are already health deals with gyms for companies. I think we've all done those "step counter" contests at work... hint, you can swing those counters around your head to rack up steps ;)

Monetization: By providing a fun and trackable way to keep employees healthy you would be able to sell these classes to companies. You would sell this as a monthly subscription per employee. This scales with your customers as they grow their business, you would make more money.

Steps to Launch: I would start with a simple exercise class for employees to follow along. To keep track of level of efforts, I would provide garmin watches to all the users. This would allow you to track their movements. I would present their activity data in a team based manner around wellness.

Afterthoughts: After publishing this via email I was on instagram and saw David Goggins posting a live workout session

With some further validation, you could pivot this into an online portal for fitness instructors to host their own courses and classes.