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Recruiter for Freelancers

March 11, 2019

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Backstory: With fiverr, upwork, design pickle and toptal to some extent, you never know what you're going to get with hiring a freelancer. I had a small project last month and hired someone off upwork and it was a pain, they didn't deliver on time and the quality was poor. I don't always want to hire an agent but I'd be willing to pay a premium for a freelancer that was vetted and of good quality.

The Idea: A recruiter for freelancers.

Deep Dive: Originally this idea started out as a single person job, you would use your network of talent and scour upwork or other job boards to find jobs and place your contacts on the job for a fee. Eventually you could build your own private label freelancer network. You could have website where people needing freelancers can search your network and contact you to get the job done.

Validation: This is recruiting but niching down into freelance work. There's less money per job but less competition as all big recruiting firms want to land those 200-500k jobs for huge referral checks.

Monetization: You would take a set amount off the top per job. You would have to negotiate a rate with the freelancer and the end customer.