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Real Estate Pages

July 3, 2018

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Backstory: I have multiple real estate friends and my mother is an agent as well. The real estate market is booming with all the latest all-in-one solutions to manage their business, leads, emails, flyers, etc. Being the "tech guy" all my real estate agent friends ask me to setup different items for their business. One of the most troubling is the website/landing page for home listings. An extremely user friendly and simple landing page builder would save me time and may even eliminate the need for them to ask for help.

The Idea: A real estate landing page builder. Hyper focused on the real estate market, this niche tool could go deep into this possibly blue water.

Deep Dive: The landing page builder would have to take in as little data as possible, maybe scrape an existing MRIS listing. The key here is speed for the agent, with a few clicks, to produce a beautiful landing page to showcase their listing and begin pulling in leads.

Validation: Full disclosure, I've done this to sell my own house myself without an agent. I built using ClickFunnels and ran $362 in facebook ads to drive showings to that page. Three showings, an almost full price offer and I sold my old home (last week!)

Monetization: This product would be a fully hosted SaaS application. You could charge a small fee for one listing, $19/mo and up to $99 per month for unlimited listings. The pricing is consistent with lead pages, click funnels, unbounce and other landing page builds. Being hyper focused in real estate you may be able to charge more given additional features such as integrated facebook ads.