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April 27, 2020

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Backstory: Kickstarter does a great job of "kick starting" companies out of the gate. Kickstarter promotes deep discounts for early adopters. Past this additional launch, companies don't revisit kickstarter and can't "start again."

Another company that promotes newly launched products is product hunt. You can promote your company or product but rarely can you do this multiple times and the platform really caters to "top 10 tools designers need today" products rather than deeper established businesses that may need additional customers.

The Idea: Kickstarter for established companies.

Deep Dive: You would build a platform for people to post a deep background story about their company and product. Your customer would be able to craft an irresistible offer to go with their backstory. Then they would submit their entry to your platform.

You would work with each company to tell their story succinctly and make sure their offer is compelling. Then you would schedule each company's release date with non competing products. Forcing customers to provide a lot of in-depth information about their company will reduce the amount of entries but the quality will be very high.

Validation: Kickstarter, product hunt, groupon all do various aspects of this idea.

Monetization: You would take a fee from all the sales during the promotion.

Steps to Launch: Pick one very specific category like healthy cpg and go after companies with a great backstory. To help close your first few clients, review companies about us section and founder bios, try to write their promotion for them. Presenting future customers with an almost completed listing will help them see the benefit and encourage them to finish the listing.