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Quilts from Remnants

February 4, 2019

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Backstory: Fabric stores and clothing manufacturers have leftover scraps (remnants) as part of their process. They try to eliminate any waste but some does occur.

The Idea: Take remnants from clothing stores and make quilts.

Deep Dive: This is a business with the purpose of giving back. For every quilt sold, you could donate one to charity. You could also take clothing donations and repurpose old clothes into blankets/quilts.

You would have to partner with a steam-stress or learn simple sewing techniques yourself.

Validation: Any company that turns waste into a product is a win in my book. Coupled with the charity aspect, this is not a 3 comma idea but definitely benefits humanity.

Monetization: This is a simple e-commerce transaction, you would charge per quilt and watch your margins.