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Public Waterfountains

September 18, 2018

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Backstory: Recently I was on a work trip and was walking around the city. I found myself wanting a drink of water and noticed there were no public water fountains. It got me thinking, why not provide public water in exchange for watching a quick 10 second ad.

The Idea: A public water fountain sponsored by advertisements.

Deep Dive: Sponsoring water fountains with advertisements will provide water filtration and "free" water for the local community.

The key here is to get advertisers to sign up for 10 second or less video advertisements before you launch or build the fountain.  

Validation: Youtube, facebook, instagram, etc every free system has a "watch this ad" to use this platform.

Monetization: You would get advertisement contracts for your custom water fountain. In less than two years the average revenue per fountain would have to exceed the cost before you begin to build it. Similar to vending machines, once you have the unit paid off, you would begin to profit. You may be able to get a grant from the county or state.