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Proprietary Information Checker

August 29, 2018

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Backstory: Recently a client was dinged for using an image in a repost of an article. They ultimately called their lawyer and they paid off the accuser. The accuser seemed to be a "patent troll" but my client calculated it was cheaper to pay them off than work with their lawyer.

The Idea: A proprietary information checker for websites.

Deep Dive: You could offer this in two stages:
1. A platform that would monitor the customer's website and social media for possible infringing content. The platform could send alerts when offending media is found and customers would have time to remove the content.

2. A done for you service to fight the accusers. If these trolls are using similar scams on multiple people, you would be able to see a pattern and stop them quicker/easier.

Validation: My client was just hit with this issue and I always hear of others dealing with this as well.

Monetization: With the platform, you could charge a monthly fee, fairly standard for a SaaS application. You could also charge per social channel, one could be free and there would be a small up-charge for additional social media channels.

With the done for you service this would be harder to start. My client didn't want to pay the $1,000+ to the lawyer so you would have to come in at a low price to get traction. If you're able to find a pattern and streamline this process you would make profit at scale.