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Professional Version of Hoodmaps

December 10, 2018

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Backstory: I've always thought it would be fun to live in Austin, Tx. For fun, I pulled up zillow in Austin and tried to pick a rental that is downtown and affordable. Then I got to thinking, what's a good area to live?

I pulled up hoodmaps, a crowdsourced heatmap describing sections of cities. After viewing a few areas... "wet dogs", "drunk hipsters" and "mexico"... I didn't find it that useful. There are tags for co-working and coffee spots, clearly aimed at "digital nomads."

The Idea: A professional version of hoodmaps.

Deep Dive:  Create a crowdsourced heatmap for users to rank areas based on their livability for categories. You could define the categories as:
1. Crime
2. Family
3. Singles
4. Restaurants
5. Bars
6. Affordability

Each category could have a rating, giving the users filterable widgets to find their ideal place to live.

Validation: Hoodmaps is pretty popular in the nomad/travel community.

Monetization: You could sell ad space, I'm not sure anyone would pay for this service.