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Private Property Management

July 1, 2019

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Backstory: My friend owns a bunch of rental properties and is constantly dealing directly with tenant when there are issues.

The Idea: A tenant management app for landlords.

Deep Dive: You would build a mobile app for tenants to sign into to submit maintenance requests. As you scale, you could build a bunch of additional features to use with the renter:

  • Invoicing and reminders
  • Document signing and hosting
  • Payments
  • Maintenance updates

You could also build out features for the landlord to help manage properties:

  • Expense tracker
  • Handyman scheduling - book people to perform maintenance
  • Cashflow reports
  • Appliance and roof reminders - when things may need updates

Validation: LandLordy already exists in this space but they lack some features around maintenance and coordinating with handymen/contractors to fix issues.

Monetization: You could offer a free version that tracks one property and has limited features. Additional versions would unlock more features and have a per property fee. This scales as your customer scales.

Steps to Launch: To MVP this, you would have to build a decent set of features. You could reach out to any landlords you know to get their feedback and get them to prepay for a year at a steep discount. This would give you market validation in addition to a some cash runway to build your first version.