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PPV Platform

September 20, 2018

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Backstory: This crazy fight between two youtubers, Logan Paul and KSI, had 773,000 people pay £7.50 each to watch the livestream on YouTube, that brought in £5.8 million. That's insane. I dug a bit deeper and found youtube took 30%. Everyone is wanting to get away from youtube and the best way for a competitor to enter the space is in a small niche, PPV may be it.

The Idea: A video platform that only hosts PPV events.

Deep Dive: The platform would have a schedule of upcoming PPV events where you could but tickets. You would be able to watch it for up to 24hrs if you managed to miss it live, similar to UFC events. You could also have the option for users to pay a monthly fee to watch older events or pay a discount to view them a la cart.

Validation: That youtube event has proven that people will pay for a "non mainstream" PPV event. Even pornhub is interested in entering the video space:


Monetization: You would take a cut off the top for the event hosting. You would have to make more features or beat youtubes 30% cut which seems most likely.