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Portable Monitor

May 15, 2019

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Backstory: It's time again for a bunch of events to pile on my calendar. Traveling is always fun and meeting business associates revives my hunger to work but... I hate leaving my dual 32" monitors at home. I've tried a few of the portable monitor solutions but they never sit flat or they're smaller than my 15" mac pro retina (still haven't switched to that touchbar!).

The Idea: A portable monitor that emulates a home setup.

Deep Dive: You would have to build a fairly large and durable monitor. One that would fold up into a backpack or some sort of airline approved travel dimension. Additionally if you could figure out how to store two of them together, that would be the "holy grail" of traveling tech nomad.

Validation: I've tried a bunch and given a few to friends only to have them sit in the corner and never make it on trips.

Monetization: Another ecommerce play, watch your margins! This would be a premium product, you could probably charge $300+ for a 27".