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Pixel Stats

August 14, 2018

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Backstory: I've spent hours reading transparent startup stories on indiehackers, reddit, y-combinator, etc. I've seen almost every Baremetrics open startup company's stats. Long stories take time and when done right, reveal a lot of private information that most are not willing to share. Baremetrics reveals a lot of sensitive information as well. There's a gap for an open platform to display views and number of conversions for open companies.

The Idea: Pixel based public stats for SaaS companies.

Deep Dive: Similar to facebook and google pixels, Pixel Stats would embed a simple javascript script that would track page views, unique page views, leads and conversions. Users would share their stats publicly and be able to view other companies stats.

Baremetrics is a pretty interesting take on transparency from a private company's standpoint but I don't see many new companies joining the site. I've noticed they've already given users the ability to hide certain stats.

With Pixel Stats only sharing a small set of less intrusive analytics, you would get a larger adoption. If enough companies join, it would be really interesting to see how your company stacks up to the rest.

Validation: Baremetrics has already proven that companies are willing to share their private revenue data.

Monetization: There are a few options here:
1. You could offer it for free to start and then only charge people if they don't share their company's information. This would be hard as people would need to use their company email to sign up BUT that could be an interesting data point to see which companies are most active (targeted ads).
2. Keep it free and only sell targeted ads.
3. Add premium features and charge extra for those. This would be hard due to the similarities in google analytics. What features do you think are missing from google analytics that could fit in this startup idea?