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Physical Product Shipping Tester

January 4, 2019

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Backstory: Physical product companies have QA for their product but how about once it arrives in the customer's hands from transit?

The Idea: A testing service that will auto return packages as well as auto order purchases.

Deep Dive: There are two angles here, you could provide an option to auto return the product to the customer. You could offer this for free/cheap to get customers in the door. The value in this is how the product arrives after it's been in transit for days.

The other angle is to place monthly orders for random products from a customer's store and grade the shipment arrival with pictures and notes. You would have to coordinate reimbursement/returns as well.

Validation: Internal QA already exists.

Monetization: For the monthly service you would charge a fee and the auto return could be a small amount to customers not subscribed to the monthly service.