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Physical iPhone Puzzle Alarm

March 8, 2019

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Backstory: I'm always having trouble waking up in the morning... maybe it's all the Monsters or the naps... or both. I've played around with some iPhone alarm apps but I had one crash in the middle of the night and I'm afraid to use a non-native alarm to wake me up. That got me thinking about you could provide the same type of puzzle with the reliability of the native iPhone alarm.

The Idea: A physical puzzle customers must solve to turn off their phone alarm.

Deep Dive: You could start off by 3D printing this and testing the market. You could start with something from thingverse like this.

Validation: There are 100s of mobile app alarm locks there's a small market for a physical one, even if it's a gag purchase.

Monetization: With all physical products, watch your margins and try to think of other items you can provide to your customers.