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Phone Case Time Tracker

July 12, 2018

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Backstory:  This is a bit different, a physical one. We use toggl to track our time and we like but often times we need to go back and edit our time manually. Often times this is because we're away from our desks.

The Idea: Five physical buttons with small LCD screens indicating the task and a small screen above indicating the total time for the day. This tracker would be a simple press of a button with a configurable task and toggle off with another press.

Deep Dive: This physical product could integrate with the 100s of SaaS time tracker apps. I don't want to get distracted with my phone by swiping and logging in. Having the tracker on the reverse side will help keep me focused throughout the day.

Validation: There is definitely a need/want for a physical product in this space, enter ZEI. This is a sound idea but hard to carry around and I don't want another thing cluttering my desk.

Monetization: This would be a physical product that you could charge a premium for as it would fit a specific target market. I don't think you could charge a monthly fee as users are already paying for toggl or another tracker.