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Personal Coaching CRM

June 6, 2018

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Backstory: I saw an interview awhile back where a successful life coach talked about how hard it was to stay organized when managing all of his clients. He said that tracking all of the clients and their progress was tough because he did not have an integrated solution.

The Idea: A software for coaches that would help track coaching sessions, objectives, client feedback, progress, and more would be great. It could be a Saas app.

Deep Dive: If you're not a personal coach or consultant, I'd definitely do some research and interview a few coaches/consultants. Find out what they're currently using to do all of this data management, what they like, what problems they face

Validation: Other than that one interview, I have not validated this idea any further. I’d recommend doing some research and interviewing a few coaches/consultants. Ask them if staying organized and managing a coaching business is difficult for them. If it is, find out what they're currently using to do all of this data management. What do they like about their current system? What problems are they facing with it?

Monetization: This could be a monthly subscription plan. You could charge a flat fee, or charge them for each client they have. Another idea for monetization would be to have a 3-tiered pricing plan, where the two cheaper plans have limited features.