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Organic Dogfood Subscription

September 12, 2018

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Backstory: Subscription services are all the rage now, from broad topics like loot crate, to more specific niches like bark box and hunt a killer. A friend of mine mentioned feeding his dog only raw/organic dog food and it brought this unique combination to mind.

The Idea: A subscription box service for raw dog food.

Deep Dive: To start, you could just buy from a local store and sell at cost to prove to model.

At scale, you would have to source from multiple dog food providers since the food is raw, inventory will be an issue. You will constantly have to gauge demand with inventory.

The Farmers Dog already exists but the signup process is quite cumbersome and this space is ripe for competition. You could also pivot and target cat owners. The market and order size would be smaller but there's less competition.

Validation: As mentioned, The Farmers Dog exists and there are a few others in this space. Partnering with different vendors can help differentiate your brand.

Monetization: You would charge a monthly subscription that would be 50-70% above your cost of goods landed.