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June 14, 2018

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Backstory: I make changes and buy stuff for my office space, desk, or computer area about once a year. When I do, I search this subreddit for inspiration on how I want my office to look.: I always love looking at this stuff, but often have no clue where to get any of the cool office accessories that are posted in the pictures.

The idea: A collection of inspirational workplaces and offices.

Deep Dive: All offices can be tagged so that the products can be purchased on Amazon.

Validation: There is over 580,000 subscribers to that r/battlestations subreddit alone. I also checked out YouTube and found multiple users that just built cool office setups and then provided affiliate links in the descriptions. Some of their videos have millions of views.

Monetization: Amazon Affilliate Links.
It's kind of a mix between and