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Nutritional advice on demand

February 3, 2020

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Backstory: I'm training for a half ironman and I'm getting the feeling my nutrition is not dialed in correctly. I asked a few triathlon friends as well as personal trainers, they all have varying opinions. I don't know anyone that is truly an expert in the field, it got me thinking about how I could chat with an expert like for 15minutes about proper nutrition.

The Idea: A marketplace like but for nutrition and athletic performance.

Deep Dive: Very similar to, you would build a two-sided marketplace where experts can get verified, post their qualifications and hourly rate. Consumers can search for experts and book their time to chat.

Validation: I've used for specific startup advice before and it's let me down the path of connecting me to the right person.

Monetization: You would take a small fee from each call.

Steps to Launch: I would niche down into something very specific like triathlon training, weight lifting or keto nutrition. Try to focus on a trend and get a few experts then market towards your end customers. Ideally you'd be an expert in one of these fields and would be able to field the call. This would help find additional pain points for your users.