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Nocode School

January 20, 2020

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Backstory: Lately I noticed a few podcasts that I listen to have featured "nocode" projects and startups.

The Idea: An online nocode school aimed at Entrepreneurs to quickly test, build and run their businesses.

Deep Dive: Similar to other online courses and schools, you would have progressive content designed to teach students how to go from zero knowledge to operating a full time "nocode" business. Additionally you should integrate a communication platform to promote a sense of community. Building all of this using nocode solutions would be super meta and lend itself to a great case study.

Validation: Makerpad has started to do something like this with tutorials and a community: Hear more about it from this indiehackers podcast episode:

Monetization: You could sell courses for a one time fee and bundle the entire curriculum in a monthly fee or payment plan. Once students have graduated, you can have a small monthly fee to maintain community access.

Steps to Launch: I would start by building a following. Put together a few tutorials and link them from places like indiehackers and facebook. Try to capture user emails to send them more tutorials and build a relationship with these early customers. Once you have a sizable list, try selling a paid course and then iterate based on customer feedback.