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Neighborhood Food

October 4, 2018

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Backstory: We've been doing a meal prep service for a while and like it. This got me thinking about other avenues for meal prep. My friend's wife is an excellent cook, we always talk about how she should open a restaurant, I would gladly pay for her cooking; although getting it for free is a huge bonus :)

This got me thinking that people could prep, cook and free meals to sell to their neighbors. This wouldn't be feasible to ship but a local drop off could work.

The Idea: A simple app for neighbors to sell meals.

Deep Dive: You would pair people who want to pay for home cooked meals with those that are willing to cook extra. You would have to hyper focus in a select neighborhood and start with cold, door to door advertisement. Ideally you would find a neighborhood with one spouse that stays home and has more free time to cook a larger meal.

Validation: Nothing beats home cooking and this is another evolution in the meal prep services.

Monetization: You would charge a monthly or per traction fee for the meal provider. This way it can scale with your customer base.