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Mow My Lawn

September 19, 2018

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Backstory: I hate doing yard work. I lived on a .5 acre lot for 4 years. We live in a row house in the city now :)

I did pay someone to mow the lawn at some point but they weren't reliable. Also, it was a hassle to text/email and coordinate payments and schedules. All I really wanted was a stress free lawn cutting experience.

The Idea: An app where you can request to have your lawn cut for a fixed price and billing is handled automatically.

Deep Dive: Yes, there is already a competitor:  They are only in a few cities and seem to target typical suburbia. You could enter the market with different cities and target larger parcels.

Targeting larger 1+ acre lots and offering it as a premium service would be a good niche. Typically those with larger lots have more money and would be able to pay more for a "nicer" lawn service. The only challenge here is vetting workers in the beginning which you could do manually.


Validation: As mentioned above, LawnMowingOnline already exists but they're only in 18 cities.

Monetization: You would take a cut of the service as a fee. You could also up-sell landscaping, tree cutting and other lawn related services which you would take a cut from as well.