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MeetIn Mashup

July 10, 2018

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Backstory: A friend of mine is very high up in Booz Allen and expressed interest in going to meetups but was hesitant because he didn't think he would fit in. The perception is that meetups are full of entrepreneurs and freelancers that are "killing it." Part of him is envious and he thinks he'll have little to provide to the group.

The Idea: Group meetups with your LinkedIn profile, giving you a rough guess on the type of people attending the meetup.

Deep Dive: Matching people could be useful for solo-preneurs trying to find that "right" partner as well as corporate executives looking to network.

Validation: I've often successfully used meetups to find potential freelancing clients. My friend would love this as well for different reasons, the multiple angles for this idea are intriguing.

Monetization: You could offer a limited set of features, match only 2-3 meetups per month for free and charge for more. Those looking to land clients or score that perfect partner from this would want to examine more meetups and would be willing to pay.