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Left To Spend: A Simple Budgeting App

June 11, 2018

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Backstory: All of the budgeting apps out there are pretty complex. They all seem to connect to your bank account and pull in ALL of the credits/debits from your account. They just try to do too much.

The Idea: What about a simple app where:
1. I tell it what my budget is every month.
2. It only pulls in my debits.
3. Budget - debits = left to spend

Deep Dive: Features can be built on top of this, but that’s a good starting point. Something simple that users love. We provided an example of the idea below. Disclaimer: There's no designer's on the team right now...but we're doing our best. 

Validation: There’s other budgeting apps out there that are super profitable. However, this idea has not been fully validated. We have a problem with the budgeting apps out there, and this what we came up with as our ideal solution. If you’re interested in trying this, I’d talk to more people about what they think of it.

For such a simple app, it might be hard to charge a lot for it. There’s still  many options to monetize it though:

  • Freemium model. The premium plan would have some additional small features. 
  • Monthly. It may be hard to gain traction for a simple app by forcing them to start with a paid monthly subscription. If you were to do this, I can’t imagine you charging more than a few dollars a month.