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Lead Generation Software for Freelancers

June 7, 2018

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Backstory: We do consulting full-time. For most people in our industry, finding clients is difficult. There has to be a way to find qualified leads better.

The Idea: Software that looks up companies that have unresponsive websites, and gives you all of the information needed to talk to someone in that company. This software would be used as a lead generation tool so that freelancers can easily pitch to potential clients.

Deep Dive: Here's my vision of this software:
Users log in and they see a map. They search for businesses within 50 miles of them using the Google Maps API. Then, they could sort businesses by the technology used on the businesses website (You could use Wappalyzer or BuiltWith to achieve this functionality.). Here’s an example of what a user could search for:
“Businesses within 50 miles of them that have a Wordpress site.”

Validation: Freelancers get the majority of their clients in three different ways:
1. Networking
2. Being found online
3. Cold-calling
This software would make the 3rd way of getting clients much easier.,

Monetization: We would recommend charging per query. Charging per query is necessary because the API’s that you would need to implement this service will be charging you per query, and that cost should be put on the customer. If necessary, you could charge a monthly subscription fee in addition to that.