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Instant Meeting Notes

February 18, 2019

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Backstory: I always forget to take meeting minutes or scramble to take them after the meeting.

The Idea: A device that records meetings and transcribes the meeting into text.

Deep Dive: To really succeed here you would build an end to end meeting booking, recording and managing platform. You would integrate with google calendar to maintain conference room bookings. There would be a device in the room to listen to the meeting and transcribe it.

The transcription would be linked to individual people and a running log of meeting and individual notes would be stored in a web platform.

Validation: There are varying degrees of this solution in existence already. We're looking at ipad/device software to maintain booking schedules per room.

Monetization: This is a per seat SaaS play. This scales with each customer and you can have different tiers that offer advanced features such as note search and unlimited storage.